It is crucial to read the criteria for the proposal, if you’re given any. Thus, let’s take a peek at what a research proposal is. Additional funding must pay the bulk of the material costs of the undertaking. It’s always simpler to choose one in case you have a list of proposal topics to browse. For example, if it is about the recidivism of sex offenders in United States prisons, you might explain the problem in terms of statistics about recidivism and provide a thorough background of the problem. It is crucial to realize that the thesis proposal is in fact an extremely brief thesis. A research proposal is a written document that is frequently utilised to receive support for an undertaking.

we do

Sustainability and CSR Consulting

The Azores is a management consultancy specializing in sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We provide our services to national and multinational companies located in Romania. We help our clients grow their competitive advantage by  focusing on the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Our main services are in the following areas:

  • Sustainability/CSR Strategy (Stakeholder Engagement and Materiality Processes)
  • Sustainability/CSR Reporting
  • Societal Marketing

How we can help

Strategic solutions according to our clients’ specific needs

We support companies in managing their social and environmental impacts in balance with their economic interests.

We base our CSR consulting services on GRI G4 Guidelines (Global Reporting Initiative), for which we are certified. GRI is the most widely used standard for CSR reporting.This is done by addressing areas such as:  reducing the ecological footprint, encouraging a positive impact on stakeholders or designing responsible products and services.

You can find out more about GRI G4 from this presentationthat we have prepared in Romanian.



The Azores is regularly conducting research to assess the CSR developments on the Romanian marketOur first study is called ‘Top Cei mai responsabili retaileri alimentari din Romania in 2014″.

It is an assessment of the retailers in Romania. The main conclusion of the study is that food retailers invest primarily in supporting their community. Other interests include green products and local buying, though these are less prominent. You can follow this link for more details on the CSR performances of food retailers.

Also, you may read our analysis of the CSR landscape in Romania, for 2014, by following this link:

CSR in Romania, Retrospectiva 2014


CSR Reporting

Reporting on social and environmental aspects will become common practice in The European Union

There is a growing tendency that companies disclose information on their sustainability activities. Large companies are leading the way and already publishing a CSR report every year. SMEs follow that leadership and are catching up (United Nations Global Corporate Sustainability Report 2013).


In October 2014, The European Council adopted Directive 2014/95/EU as regards disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups, as of 2017. Also, there are 6 countries that have already introduced laws requesting big companies to publish their CSR report (Norway, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Australia and India).

Future Developments

Pressure is growing for companies, on government side and on consumer side

The business environment is evolving rapidly today with an increasing globalization phenomenon due to higher transport availability and to the revolution in communication. This also leads to a more aggressive competition. On the other hand, our planet is threatened with natural resources declining and climate change. This leads to an increasingly strict legislation for the private sector.

In this context, the need for transparency is growing, on the side of consumers, investors, employees or NGOs. All these stakeholders are ever more informed and more demanding. As companies play a crucial role in today’s market place, they are expected to address social and environmental aspects in balance with economic stability.


What are the benefits of sustainability?


Why work with us?

Customized services



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Our Solutions

We will provide the main sustainability-related facts that are needed for the development of successful strategies and informed business decisions.

Business-minded approach

Cost-saving attitude

Creating new opportunities

Why you will love Route66
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Our Skills
Seo Optimized


Route is a minimalistic, mobile-optimized theme with responsive layout and retina-ready.

Drag & Drop Builder

Easily build and save layouts using a drag & drop page builder.

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Present your content with animations for sleek and fancy look.

SEO Friendly


Exclusively our producing program can be your previous report tool and additionally most suitable option just for carrying out ones articles in addition to other personalized papers. Consider the long-time encounter .

paid close attention to SEO while developing this theme.


Route is 100% retina ready

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10 Factors why i really like Showit, the Drag and Drop Website Builder

10 Factors why i really like Showit, the Drag and Drop Website Builder

Website Design

social networking

Today, I’m featuring everything Showit 5, the drag and fall site builder. In reality, I’m this type of big fan that We founded my entire company around it!

We hear you. You’re thinking what’s the deal that is big Showit 5, Vanessa? And it isn’t it simply for photographers? Read More

Russian Mail Order Bride

Top Mail Order Brides Across the InternetAre you seeking mail-order brand new bride marriage relationship? Assess best placed women accounts crafted arising from trustful mail order brides dating locations. On a month-to-month manner, our team situates new ladies to known as every one of all of them and also discharge their accounts on our company.

Youthful girls for partnership

What is in fact onlinebride.net net website whatever regarding?

I am in fact a carefree girl that plans to find a fun as well as likewise attractive guy. I am really surprisingly social, which is actually why I possess lots of chums. I including devoting premium time along with the surrounding and also dearest people. Despite the fact that chums are in fact really critical to me, they might undoubtedly not alter genuine affection.

Effectiveness prices

12345678910111213Table of contentWhat is in fact a Mail Order Bride?What is really onlinebride.net net web site all About?Why Select a Girl for Relationship From Onlinebride.netThe Criteria Onlinebride.net Utilizes to Select Foreign Bride ProfilesHow to Discover a Bride Online?Types of Mail Order BridesYoung ladies for marriageMature bridesThe Realities You Required to Learn About World wide web BridesSuccess ratesHow a whole lot performs it russian mail order bride https://loverusbrides.coms set you back https://www.ukraine-women.info/country/russian-brides/? The mail-order bride-to-be originWhere execute these overseas brides take place from?Why it is actually Good to Locate Ladies for Relationship Among Mail Order Bride sitesWhat is in fact a Mail Order Bride?As the label makes a proposal, amail-order brideis a female that devotes herself to a partnership company to end up being decided on as a partner. These ladies stem from industrialized countries and also share their demand to tied the knot a personal originating from a global country. In truth, they seek their greatest suit stemming from additional mechanized countries. Gone are in fact the moments when uncovering one of the most helpful marriage relationship companion was actually hard. Every trait has in fact been really structured. If you are really looking for a greatest friend for marriage partnership, think of to uncover a wife-to-be on targeted relationship web sites.

The Criteria Onlinebride.net Uses to Select Foreign Bride Profiles

Relationship is in fact a lasting devotion. Therefore, you need to must become added conscious when picking your way of living companion. When going for a women for relationship, ascertain you select a counted on dating site. On the net dating firm alongside reasonably, dedicated as well as smart partners. This is in fact why onlinebride.net exists to aid you obtain a brand-new bride you have actually consistently desired for.

The mail-order bride beginning

Onlinebride.netis amongst one of the most efficient new bride search web sites worldwide. Everything you require to achieve is actually to see our internet web site along with you are going to absolutely find remarkable as well as committed ladies stemming from a variety of element of the earth.

Sorts Of Mail Order Brides

If you are actually intending to opt for an overseas bride-to-be stemming from a dating internet websites, onlinebride.net is really a great option for you.But why decide on onlinebride.net net web site? Below are really numerous of the premiums of brides you are really possibly to get.

The Realities You Needed To Have to Find Out About Internet Brides

Becoming the leading brand new bride search internet site cooperates together with premium. This is in fact why the onlinebride.net is in fact committed to making sure that you uncover mail order spouses of your targets. The observing are actually numerous of the elements onlinebride.net takes a look at when opting for profiles.

Why it is actually Good to Locate Women for Marriage Amongst Mail Order Bride sites

Locating amail order brideonline could be demanding. You have to carry out a lot of root just before you satisfy your superb suit. Nonetheless, along with the listed here activities, whatever is really streamlined for you.

In little, if you intend to locate a mail order bride-to-be that is actually quite, direct, pleasurable along with considerate, obtain one coming from onlinebride.net a net site understood for supplying you together with leading ranked brides stemming from trustful web sites.

There are actually several type of brides that you might find out listed below. Nevertheless, if our business separate each one of all of them in to 2 styles, our experts will highlight these as the primary ones.

These are in fact women matured in between 18-35 years looking for an immigrant for long period of your time alliance and additionally marriage partnership commitment. These girls prep to transfer as well as also dwell in an additional country.

These are really girls alongside some lifestyle encounter finding for long term partnership commitments. These ladies want to acquire their way of living buddies arising from mail order dating web sites. A few of each of them have no hangup to obtain tied the knot to a personal a lot older than each of all of them.

The United States Citizenship and also Migration Provider (USCIS) appears that “& ldquo; & hellip; marriage partnership coordinated by means of outdating web site business will definitely appear to possess minimized separation russian mail order brides set you back s. They furthermore reveal that 80% of these marriage relationships have actually lasted with time for which the records are really obtainable”& rdquo;.

Prior to finding a girl, you demand to realize the prices you are really most likely to accumulate. Lots of people explain that mail order marital connections are in fact cost-effective as assessed to standard marriage partnership. On a specification, you are really likely to commit in between $fifty- 30,000. This depends upon your choice and likewise wishes.

Amazingly, the brides contained on the American station back in the year 1800. This intended the European-American uncovered financial excellence as they moved west and additionally they were actually missing the girls.

Many of the mail-order brides come from Russia although a variety of other nations in addition supply brides.

In decision, such site is really a worldwide dating firm where you can quickly locate a brand-new bride of your goal, take on in addition to all of all of them and additionally if all exercises in between you set of you receive wed. Hence, if you ran through of all dating and likewise affair, take into account receiving a mail order husband or wife.

Devin in addition to OlgaOnlinebride.net helped our business delight each other. Where else can you locate a ton of correct women effortlessly typically on onlinebrides.net? At this website, I observed numbers of good girls that got on as well as also delighted to chat. This website assisted me to abide by Milla.

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Onlinebride.net is actually an unit that provides new profiles of girls originating from Russia, Ukraine along with Asia signed up on trustful dating answers for marital relationship.

OnlineBride sustains profile pages improved as well as supplies people along with the total solution to their questions concerning mail order wife-to-be seeing.

E-Commerce Site Builder Showdown: WooCommerce vs Shopify

E-Commerce Site Builder Showdown: WooCommerce vs Shopify

WooCommerce vs Shopify – one of them claims to function as the world-wide web’s most popular e-commerce platform, one other claims to power 600,000 organizations.

WooCommerce vs Shopify is just a showdown that is special there clearly was no concrete champion. The absolute most essential requirement that you’ll want to find out is which one will bring more value to your very own web site.

Chapter # 1: Simplicity Of Use

Shopify – The Problem of Utilize

The key forte of Shopify is its subscription-based model provides you with an ecommerce solution that is complete. Also, because it’s all covered if you decide to go with Shopify, you won’t deal with aspects like security, backups, or system functionalities. Read More

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